Putting your regulatory compliance affairs in the right hands, Integrity. Quality. Reliability. These three words are at the heart of our approach.

Fintab believes that by putting in place a creative and comprehensive compliance and regulatory programme, you can turn ‘risks’ into material opportunities and use compliance as part of a successful business strategy. 

Fintab is not your ordinary compliance firm. Our team is made up of a broad range of experts that bring a diverse range of skills to our work. Compliance officers, lawyers, forensic accountants, due diligence professionals, and financial analysts all work together as part of the Fintab team. 

Because we have extensive in-house experience, our work benefits from a first-hand understanding of the problems that organisations encounter. 

Compliance planning (corporate, SME)

Keeping up with an expanding variety of compliance and regulatory obligations, ranging from anti-
bribery, anti-money laundery (AML), general data protection regulation (GDPR) and corruption to
business human rights, is essential to successfully navigating the modern business arena and
corporate risk assessment.
As a result, the importance of having a clear and effective compliance and regulatory programme in
place for your company cannot be overstated. Ignoring these risks – or approaching them incorrectly
– may be disastrous, both financially and reputationally.
Fintab can create the most suitable strategy for your small/medium businesses that will provide:

  1. GDPR checklist 
  2. Industry-specific GDPR advice
  3. Flexible and cost-effective solutions
  4. AML guides and solutions
  5. Compliance training
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